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July 1, 2013
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Romano x Reader- Screw You

Why did you hate him? Why was he such a fucking pain? You always ask yourself this. You were a bit /sassy/ at times and you didn’t do well with people. You had only a few people who could even stand your mood swings or violent moments. You had trouble trusting people and you couldn’t stand idiots. Anyone who took the time to push past your walls learned who nice and kind you were. They learned you had a golden heart and very loyal friend who only wants the better for her own friends. But damn did one guy always push you over you edge and make you want to scream, yet he gave you all the attention you wanted. He always paid attention to you so he could scream and fight with you. And you secretly liked him noticing you. Only so you could cuss him out.
You sat in class and glared holes into your teacher’s fat head. You seriously just wanted to go to lunch and hang out with your friends. But noooo, you stupid teacher had to lecture you all because that stupid American Alfred had to just be a dumbass. You only sat two seats away from the door and thought about your escape.
Hmmm…She wouldn’t notice me if she’s yelling at Alfred…I should be able to get away and to lunch without too many people noticing
So with that, you ducked down and crawled over to the person next to you. Marianne Bonnefoy, the French girl with a habit of being a perv. She gave you a confused look as you pointed to the door. She smiled and nodded. She got out of her seat and went over to the teacher, saying quick French and not giving the teacher anytime to understand anything she said. As she continued screwing with the teacher, she winked over at you and smiled. She was an okay girl at times. You dashed out the door and smiled.
“Hell yes! Now I can finally eat.” You cheered to yourself and continued proudly down the hall
“(Name)! (Name)!” You heard someone scream as out of no where, you were tackled to the ground
You sighed to yourself. Feliciano…You looked at your dearest friend who was hugging your waist tightly for dear life. His amber hair was ruffled and that one curl bouncing around as he trembled. His school uniform was a mess, you noticed. His shirt undone some and untucked. His pants had dirt and had one hole on the knee.
Once he lifted his head up, you saw the fear in his olive eyes and the small tears he tried to hold back. “Feli? What happened to you?” You asked gently as you sat up, hugging him tightly and rubbing his back to sooth him
Feli hugged your waist tighter and began to cry. “Ivan and some others started to talk to me and then started beating me and trying to force me to go with them! I was so scared (Name)! They hit me and Ludwig was no where to be found! Oh don’t let them get me! I’m a tomato fairy! They shouldn’t beat fairies! Help, help! Don’t let them hurt me (Name)!” He screamed so fast; it took you a minute to understand him clearly
Once you figured out what he said, your blood boiled and you gently moved Feliciano away. He blinked and tried to regain his spot and using you as a shield but you stood. Your eyes screamed with untamed rage and hate as you scanned the cafeteria for the soon to be dead.
Feliciano noticed your death glares that promised death and backed away some, more scared of you than any bully when you’re mad. “Bella, its okay…You look scary!” He cried
You didn’t care if you looked scary. What you were going to do was going to be more than scary. Lucky you when you saw Ivan walk into the cafeteria, seeming to be looking for someone. You gave a low growl and walked over to him.
Everyone froze when they saw a girl like you approach Ivan with no fear but rather hate. Even he seemed a bit shocked but he smiled at you which you returned with a full hearted glare.
“Hello (Name). Something wrong, da?” He asked, thick Russian accent coating his innocent voice
Everyone tuned into your conversation as you smirked to yourself. “Yes there is something wrong.” You replied coldly
You didn’t notice but a pair of eyes watched you with secret concern. Eyes the color of rich soil flecked with black, eyes the color of dark chocolate with flecks of hazel nut, sable eyes, the color of hot chocolate, the deep brown of the winter trees at twilight, the lightened brown of parched summer soil, glossy chestnut brown, the color of unvarnished oak with deep mahogany flecks, the color of apple pips, mottled like varnished cork, the color of roasted coffee beans, the color of a dessert palm tree with flecks of acorn shell.
A pair of rich blue and hints of red making violet eyes stared at you with such interest. Pools of icy vibrant color hiding hidden secrets and feelings that can destroy one from the inside. A glossy mix of springs flowers and winter’s snow.
“What would be wrong?” His voice seemed a bit irritated by being confronted yet also curious to what a girl could do
You smirked as your eyes glowed with the pleasure you were having for your next actions. You drew your fist back and in a split moment it connected to a very large and strong nose. Ivan’s nose adamantly started bleeding as his eyes tears uncontrollably. He staggered backwards but rage filled him as any mercy he had left that moment. He grabbed your arm but you twisted around and sweep kicked him, knocking the giant down. You smirked as you placed your foot on his chest, leaning on to your knee and getting into his face.
“Don’t ever mess with my friends or anyone ever again, da?” You mocked
Everyone and thing was silent and in shock. Feliciano hid behind your friend Kiku and stared at you in complete shock and horror. You felt boosting pride for how easy that was. You took a breath to calm down and left the cafeteria. But someone wasn’t so shocked. You were followed.
As you headed for the corridor you heard your name screamed. You swung around, ready to take anyone on.
“If you hit me, I’ll hit you back idiotia.” The voice cursed
You relaxed knowing it was no other than Lovino Vargas. Feliciano’s older twin brother, but not as happy, nice or anything. He was the one who you everyday were in constant war with. The one who you wanted to prove yourself to.
“Yeah I know. What do you want?” You narrowed your eyes at him
“What the hell was that?” He suddenly screamed at you
You growled and rolled your eyes at him. “What was what? Oh and lower your voice, I’m not def!” You snapped back at him, hate lacing your voice
His golden honey brown eyes held anger yet another emotion undesirable by him deeply but worry for you. “Why the fucking hell did you punch Ivan?! Are you trying to fucking die?! You’re such a dumbass but now you’ve gone crazy!”
You sighed and stepped up into his face, both of you having a stare down. “He screwed with your brother and my best friend. I got pissed and decided to give him a piece of my mind. Got a problem with it Vargas?”
Oh did you piss him off. Something about you always seemed to drive him crazy yet he did the same thing to you. He didn’t answer you but let his eyes talk for him. You could see his daggers for glares as you both stare down each other, seeing who would back down first yet you both knew you wouldn’t. No one knew why you two hated each other so much but everyone knew that neither of you would tell.
The bell interrupted you both and your fighting. A second longer and you would have hit him but the bell saved him this time. You both stepped away from each other and brushed past each other as you went down separate ways of the hallway.  
As school ended you checked your phone. Feliciano and you always walk home together and then study together. You feared that maybe Ivan attacked him again as panic filled you. You text him again and again but no answer.
You dialed a number and bit your lip. “Ja?” You heard a German voice answer
“Ludwig! It’s (name)! Is Feliciano with you? He normally walks home with me but he isn’t here and I’m worried about him. Have you seen him?” You said quickly, your voice panicked and hoping that the German has seen him
You heard a sigh from the other end of the phone and you could tell Ludwig just facepalmed. “Ja, ja. He went to his locker. I’ll walk him to his house. Just go on and we’ll meet you there.” Then the phone hung up
You cursed to yourself but started walking towards Feliciano’s house. He was your neighbor. You smiled to yourself as you remember first moving next door to him and his family.
Your family just moved from (Your home country) to this new country. It was hard to leave and you missed your friends you grew up with but you held your head up and tried to be strong. Your parents were out buying something as you spent your day in the summer heat trying to move boxes into your new house. Sweat coated you like you were swimming in a salty lake.
“Bella! Bella! Do you want help?” Someone yelled to you
You turned to see a strange boy with a weird curl running over to you. You set the box down on the porch and barely even looked at him, being too stubborn to ask for help that you clearly needed.
This boy turned out to be your closest friend named Feliciano Vargas. But for now you didn’t care and refused his help. After five minutes of him begging to let him help, two other males walked out.
“Feli~ who’s the bella?” Asked the adult male, you later learn was the boys’ grandfather
“I don’t know. But she just moved here and looks like she could use some help but she won’t let me help!” Feliciano pouted and talked like you weren’t even there
The other male, who looks exactly like Feliciano only with darker color, stared at you. You caught his eye and looked over at him. He quickly turned away and you rolled your eyes as you carried another heavy box.
Suddenly the box was out of your hands and taken over to the porch. You went to protest but you were cut off. “Don’t be a dumbass and decline help when you need it, stupid. Name’s Lovino Vargas. That’s my brother Feliciano and our Grandfather. Don’t just stare.” He snapped at you
You growled and suddenly felt your heart beat a bit faster. The heat was too much for you as ignored your vision starting to blur. You grabbed another box but stumbled.
“Hey! Go drink something before you over heat!” Lovino snapped at you, only pissing you off more
You dropped the box as everything started to go black and your balance left you. Feliciano and Lovino both caught you as you fainted and took you to their house as they cooled you off and took care of you. When you woke, you listened to Lovino lecture you. You, being stubborn, argued and there blossomed your new found hatred for each other.
Every since that day, the Vargas forced you to open up and didn’t care for how stubborn or mean you could be (They had Lovino) and you and Lovino fought over every single thing.
“(Name), yo idiotia!” Someone yelled, getting your attention
You turned to find Lovino right next to you. You sighed and rolled your eyes. “What?”
“Watch where you’re going. You nearly walked into the street five times already. You’re so damn stupid!” He growled
You growled back at him but didn’t feel like fighting. You were tired and seriously not in the mood for him and his shitty mood.
“Don’t ignore me!” He snapped
“Shut the fuck up damnit! Goddamn it you tomato sucking bastard! If you don’t shut it, I’ll take a tomato and shove it down your fucking throat! I’m not in the fucking mood to listen to you be a fucking hater! I mean, what the hell is your problem?! All you ever do is be shitty and annoying and stupid! God, I’m shocked I’m not def by how much you scream and your damn mood swings piss me off so much! Why do you make me so angry?! Why do I always have to fight with you?! Why can’t you fucking go away?!” You shouted on the top of your lungs, startling the poor Italian
He stared at you for a moment before screaming back at you. “Me?! What’s wrong with me?! Did you just hear yourself or are you too absorbed to realize anything?! You have a worse mood than me! Why can’t you just give in and not fight me! Just fucking stop being such a pain! That’s all you are! A fucking pain! You always just love to piss me off! If you want me gone so badly then fine!” He screamed and slammed past you as he stomped up the street, people staring
You let out an angry scream and ran to catch up to him but he only ignored you and gave you the cold shoulder. You gave up. But something felt wrong in your heart. It hurt and you wanted him again. You wanted him to scream at you, not ignore you. You wanted to talk to you even if it was always fighting. You two always fought but it was never something serious.
You lost sight of Lovino and sighed, feeling depressed and guilt. You wanted to take back your words. You didn’t know why but you did. So badly. He looked hurt and it burned in his eyes that he was hurt.
“Hello (Name). I hope you don’t mind payback~” A dark voice said from behind you
You turned quickly to see Ivan, a murderous look in his eyes as he smirked and grabbed your arm, dragging you towards the school. You let out a scream as you fought and tried to get out of his hold.
“You surprised me in the cafeteria. You got lucky. But you must be taught a lesson, da?” he chuckled darkly
You were thrown to the ground and kicked in the ribs as you curled up in a ball to defend yourself. Another sharp kick came as you scream. You grabbed his foot and stood up quickly, knocking him off his balance and on to the ground.
You quickly took off but you weren’t fast enough. He grabbed your leg and pulled you onto the ground. Ivan grabbed a good handful of your hair and smiled like the devil.
“You like to fight, da? Then why don’t you fight me?” he mocked you
Suddenly you were released as you heard a loud pop sound. You looked up to see Ivan passed out next to you and Lovino shaking his hand out.
“Don’t you dare fucking touch her again! I swear to god, I’ll fucking kill you next time you get near her or hurt her! Back the fuck off of her you asshole! I should’ve done worse to you put you deserve to rot. Touch (Name) again and I will make sure you suffer!” He screamed and picked up as if you weighed nothing
You winced but stared up at Lovino in shock. He took you away from the scene and set you down on a local bench near by the school.
“Where are you hurt?” He asked in a gentle and kind voice
“I’m fine.” You said shyly, a weird thing for you to do
Lovino gently ran his fingers through your hair and pulled you closer to him. He hugged you and hid his face in your hair.
You began to cry and clung to him. Your body didn’t hurt like it first did but you were scared. You were just attacked and dragged. Ivan could have killed you and probably would have and you knew that. Lovino was your hero.
The guy who was dense, stubborn, annoying, flustered easy, was now your hero. But you felt so right being in his arms and felt so much safer.
“Lovino, I’m sorry.” You said softly as you pulled away. “The truth is that I don’t want you to go away. I don’t hate you all of the time but I just want to prove myself to you. Something about you just makes me feel defensive and just angry yet excited to hear what come back you have. I’m sorry for what I said.” You stared at the ground and squeezed your eyes shut
“(Name), I’m also sorry. You’re amazing and so strong yet so stubborn. It drives me crazy and I want to beat you but really I just want you bella. I won’t let anyone hurt you again and I’ll try not to hurt you either. I realized lately that I’m in love with you. That’s why you drive me so crazy. Ti amo.”
You looked up and smiled. You gently pressed your lips to his and felt yourself melt away. All that hate was never hate. It was love. You only knew hate so you showed it but you knew you loved him. Lovino kissed back was careful because of the beating you took.
“I love you too.” You said as you pulled away
“You’re still an idiot. You took a beating.” He teased you
“Screw you!” You growled, blushing
“Love you too bella.” He chuckled and picked up again, causing you to yelp
He took you back to his house to where a certain hyper Italian flipped out over hearing that you were beaten up. He flipped out but you just laughed and hugged him, making his older brother jealous and causing him to flip out.
“Screw you bella.” He whispered into your ear
“Screw you too Lovi.” You smiled and kissed him.
“Roma!!!! You finally got a girl to like you! I knew you loved (Name)! Don’t just kiss her, get the first aid! And then get back to your love! But Roma! Take care of the poor girl!” A certain someone’s grandfather yelled
Lovino turned bright red and started screaming in Italian at the man. You giggled and smiled. My idiot.
This is a Romano x Reader.
Feliciano- Italy
Alfred- America
Marianne- Fem!France
Grandfather- Rome
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